CO2 Total

Key Benefits of the Randox CO2 Total Reagent

Exceptional correlation with standard methods

The Randox methodology was compared against other commercially available methods and the Randox CO2 Total assay showed a correlation coefficient of r=0.94

Wide measuring range

The healthy range for CO2 Total is 18 – 28 mmol/l. The Randox CO2 Total assay can comfortably detect levels outside of this healthy range measuring between 0.004 – 50 mmol/l

Suitable for use on a range of automated analysers

The Randox CO2 Total reagent is suitable for use on a number of third party automated analysers. To enquire about an Instrument Specific Application (ISA), please click the Contact Us button below.

Other features of the Randox CO2 Total Reagent

  • Enzymatic method
  • Available as liquid and lyophilised reagents
  • Stable until expiry date when stored at +2 to +8°C
  • Open vial stability of 14 days at +10°C
  • Measuring range 0.004 – 50 mmol/l

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