Key Benefits of the Randox G-6-PDH Reagent

No Interferences

The Randox G-6-PDH test does not suffer from interferences due to the sample prewash step

Excellent correlation with standard methods

The Randox methodology has been compared against other commercially available methods and the Randox G-6-PDH assay showed a correlation coefficient of r=0.99

Excellent stability

The Randox G-6-PDH assay has a reconstituted stability of 4 weeks when stored at +2 – +8⁰C

Other features of the Randox G-6-PDH reagent

  • UV method
  • Lyophilised reagents
  • Reconstituted stability of 4 weeks when stored at +2 – +8⁰C
  • Measuring range 154 – 4303 U/l

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